Driving Intelligent Responses with Vital Information. Advanced TeleSensors’s motion tolerant, contactless sensing automates biodata information capture. Experience new conveniences in monitoring care. Enjoy new freedoms unchained from device-engagement, and elevate your living with passive vigilance. Innovation that improves human performance, user experience, time and cost savings. That’s Life Measured Better™ .


  • A low power RF signal is transmitted toward the subject
  • The electrical and mechanical activity of the body modulates the signal
  • The reflected signal is then received back into the monitor
  • The ATS sensor then extracts heart rate, respiration rate and motion information from the reflected signal
  • The results are then displayed in real time



The top graph shows test results of a declining heart rate using a 3 lead Hewlett Packard 78352C Electro Cardiogram Patient Monitor attached to the subject for “ground truth”(results shown in red) and simultaneously using the ATS Sensor (results shown in blue).


  • At 3 feet distance, the signal level is 3,500 times less than the limits required by PART 15 of the FCC Regulations.
  • At 6 feet distance, the signal is 14,000 times less than FCC requirements, well within the FCC PART 15 requirements
  • The ATS signal strength is much less than a regular cell phone
  • Sterile application
  • No cords near the subject that could pose a strangulation hazard to infants & toddlers


Eliminating physical touch with devices opens up a new world to human-centric products that enhances living. Today, we sense the faintest pulse of life contact-free, even during natural movement. Tomorrow, we explore the possibilities of more complex, contact-free diagnostics.

Touchless Sensing. Envision the possibilities .