SleepTyte™ Baby Monitor

Allows parents to “see” their child’s heart beat during play or sleep!

Advanced TeleSensors SleepTyte™ baby monitor let’s parents rest in information. When we lay our child down to rest, we want to know that they’re sleeping peacefully and safely. We want to know instantly if our child is awake and safely playing in their crib until we can get to them. We want to know if they’re crying because they miss us or because they’re in trouble. Or often, we just want to know that the reason they’re quiet is because they’re resting soundly, but without the risk of disturbing their deep sleep as we check on them. We want all of this peace of mind with just a glance at our smart devices so we can sleep well ourselves or simply enjoy more constructive days.

Finally, a revolutionary technology developed at NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory gives parents the vital information that let’s us rest knowing our child is well: heart rate, respiration rate, and motion intensity. Advanced TeleSensors SleepTyte™ is the next generation baby monitor to provide that convenient and valuable peace of mind.

SleepTyte™ technology automatically senses baby’s presence and continuously monitors heart rate, respiration rate, and motion at a distance and without contact, so baby can move freely without cord dangers. Our touchless technology gives parents that vital information in real-time so alerts and notifications are instant, allowing fast-action if necessary.

Recorded information can provide insight to daily patterns, a function never before achievable from the convenience of our homes. Learn about your child’s respiratory baselines. Learn what excites them.

Give yourself the gift of rest in information. Ask retailers about Advanced TeleSensors SleepTyte™ baby monitor.

SleepTyte™ measures signs of life: heart beat, respiration, & motion
Accurate within +/- 1 beat/minute
Real-time, continuous monitoring and data collection

Rest in information.

Safety from cord dangers
Sterile, contact-free monitoring
Programmable alarm and information display parameters