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The First Touchless Biofeedback Sensor
to Read & Record Data During Natural Motion

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,

are the ones who do.”  – Steve Jobs


Life Measured Better™

Revolutionary Child Wellness Monitoring

Life detection in its truest form – a beating heart and breath indicator. Because the primary information parents want about their newborn is to know their child’s heart is beating during sleeptime, and an audio or video can’t. Technology that works to give parents rest. No cords, no guessing, no more sleepless nights.

Healthcare Redefined

Taking responsibility – providing accessibility. Because healthcare education begins at home. Connecting doctors to patients’ real-time vital signs and historical data makes in-home care accessible, convenient, and more affordable than ever.

Assisted Living w/ an Emphasis on Living

Independence regained. Because heart rate can be the first signal of distress in mature residents of assisted and independent living facilities. No ECG wire leads > no intrusion into personal space > automatic distress notification.

Smart Medical Equipment

Smart devices aren’t just for cell phones: imagine medical beds that automatically find your vital signs, in-home dialysis machines that transmit your real-time vital data to a health care monitoring center, emergency response equipment that automatically senses the faintest pulse of life.

no wires + remote monitoring = patient rest + faster recovery

Aviation Surveillance

Flying never felt so comfortable: wire-free, real-time heart rate and respiration monitoring for distress or concern. Because the last thing a pilot wants is the stress of an intrusive monitoring device attached to his body as he’s maneuvering a million dollar aircraft.

A New Driving Experience

Connectivity of the human kind: information un-wired. Because Augmented Reality Dashboards that automatically display driver’s information should also automatically notify 911 when drivers are in distress.

Innovative Cardio Fitness Equipment

The ultimate heart beat measuring device, minus the strap, wristband, and skin irritation. Because who wants to wear a measuring device if you don’t have to?

Intelligent Security

Sensing danger before it happens: welcome home. Smart sensing automatically notifies you of a life presence before going into your home. Because intelligent security is just smart living.

Military Applications

Preserving life: remote life detection. Portable, automated vital sign detection and notification allow quicker response times during critical operations. Explore the possibilities.

A New Wildlife Research Technique

Unless you like to live dangerously. Because the Western Lowland Gorilla and Asian Elephant may just very well reject being attached to an ECG lead. Advanced TeleSensor (ATS) provides an alternative & innovative research technique for empirical data collection in an animal’s natural environment. The doors to new understanding are ready to be opened.

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