Advanced TeleSensors: Breakthrough Technology/Remote Heart Rate Monitoring Platform Released

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Advanced TeleSensors Inc. (ATS) is commercializing a market breakthrough technology that remotely monitors the heart. The platform offers contactless data-gathering of heart functions with potential applications across a host of industries, products, and services. The technology may be utilized as a stand-alone device or incorporated into a broader engineering application. The platform can also be tailored to function as a portable solution with a unit size similar to that of cell phone.

The technology was developed at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and ATS licensed the rights from the California Institute of Technology. It uses modulations of a reflected radio-signal to detect, capture, and record heart activity. Unlike competing technology, the ATS platform does not rely upon a physical interface to function and is motion tolerant.

This “game changing” technology provides unlimited opportunities for gathering real time heart and vital sign information for home-use baby-monitors, geriatric monitoring, automobile and aircraft operator status, exercise equipment, and other applications where subject evaluation is important.

Malcolm Cloyd, a business leader and entrepreneur, is an ATS founder and principal investor. He says, “ATS has the leading technical team in its industry. I am confident we will drive the company to achieve its commercialization objectives.”

Paolo Focardi, ATS co-founder and Head of Technology, stated, “Our contactless sensor technique offers significant advantages to that of existing approaches, especially when an unobtrusive and seamless solution is required. We believe that this platform represents a quantum leap forward in terms of flexibility, safety, and an ability to enhance both new and existing applications. In some uses, the information that our platform can provide will be life-saving in nature.” Dr. Focardi holds a Ph.D. in computer science and telecommunications and engineering from the University of Florence, Italy.

Advanced TeleSensors is a Delaware corporation with offices in Pasadena, California. The organization is working toward its mission to become the world’s leading resource for advanced health, medical, and security solutions leveraging contactless sensor technology.

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